Facility QC

Facility QC

Tired of dealing with your QC department or having issues getting one started.  Vision QC eliminates the effort and frustrations that come with starting, maintaining and relying on a quality control department.

Hiring, firing, training, motivating, scheduling and trying to fill voids when they arise are no longer your problem. Paying operators when times are slow, overtime, downtime, sick pay, vacation and all of the other liabilities that come with employing operators in a QC department can be eliminated by utilizing Vision QC's services.

You only pay for QC when QC is being performed. However, as a client of Vision QC, you have access to our support staff 24/7.  Our management team is always available to answer questions about our reports, provide advice as to how to proceed with noted issues, discuss our evaluations and the issues noted within them with your clients, and work with your facility to make sure that the masters we evaluate will pass in all markets.

The issues you eliminate by using Vision QC as your in-house quality control:

  • Finding a manager with enough experience, expertise and ability to properly run the department.
  • Finding, training and maintaining a qualified staff of quality control operators.
  • Dealing with overtime and double time costs when you're busy.
  • Paying operators when there is a lack of work or being forced to layoff good operators, because you can't endure those costs.
  • Trying to make QC operators' schedules work with your bays, equipment and material availability.

What you receive for your hourly rate:

  • A consulting firm with the desire and dedication to help you provide approved material to your clients.
  • A team of well trained and experienced quality control specialists.
  • A team of staffed operators with benefits (health, 401K, PTO, etc.).
  • A management team that trains, schedules and continuously fine tunes its operators.
  • Although no quality control company or individual can guarantee that their work is perfect, we do guarantee that Vision QC will always do what it can to help with any and all situations or needs to maintain a strong healthy relationship with our clients.